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        Order 7-UP Diversion Safe BELOW ;-)

7-UP Can
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Wall Diversion Safe

Wall Safe
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Sure the idiots who break into your house MAY know that Diversion Safes exist,
but they are scared, rushed and just want to get in, grab what they can and get out.
Hiding valuables in diversion safes make perfect sense.

We have a wide variety of personal care, household products and food containers with
removable tops and bottoms. They look just like the real items. Each is undistinguishable from the
genuine product and is even weighted to feel full. Pick the ones that will blend in best
with what's in your home.

Home Self Defense
Stun Guns
Pepper Sprays Mace Diversion Safes
  Price: $7.00
A&W Diversion Safe Cherry 7UPDiversion Safe 7UP Diversion Safe Dr Pepper Diversion Safe Sprite Diversion Safe Coke Diversion Safe
A&W Rootbeer Cherry 7-UP 7-UP Dr. Pepper Sprite Coke
  Price: $8.00     Price: $10.00     Price: $11.00
   Arizona Ice Tea Diversion Safe Book Diversion Safe Pringles Diversion Safe Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Diversion Safe
Miller Beer Can Deodorizer Arizona Tea Book Pringles Peanut Butter
  Price: $12.00   
Sea Salt Morton Salt Fruit Cocktail Barbasol Aqua Net Desenex
Scotch Gard Diversion Safe
Liquid Wrench JB Oil JB Engine Degreaser Scotch Gard Ajax Kibbles N Bits

Flower Pot Diversion Safe

Flower Pot

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